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Hair liss system is a high performance hair liss system which gives hair a beautiful appearance, guaranteeing perfect straightness for curly or frizzy hair. the cream comes in a tube which must be used in conjunction with neutralizing fixing milk. there are two different formulas: regular and strong, to suit different hair types.

Twist and Twist Permanent
Biological permanent: Tioglicolic acid or similar acids free permanent that does not contain ammonia. It's an advanced technology permanent that produces good results. It's a new generation product that allows you to create any style. Highly conditioning, gives an extremely natural, soft and wavy hair styling defining for a long time even very curly hair.

Leaves your hair in very good, soft and natural shape without producing any damage. The amino permanent, develops its action by using a laboratory modified natural component called "cystine" which is already present in human hair keratin.

Through various laboratory processes, the cystine acid part is eliminated maintaining unchanged the alkaline part.


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